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Injection & Insert Molding

Since 1992, Kinamor, Inc. has specialized in insert molding. If you require a custom molded part, Kinamor, Inc. has the skills and experience needed to deliver high quality parts on time. We utilize the most advanced rotary presses in the industry with multiple cavity tools. The sophistication of our equipment has allowed us to minimize set-up time and in-process adjustments, maximizing output.

Due to the often extreme injection pressures involved, this process requires special attention to ensure that plastic goes only where intended. One needs to precisely shut off or hold the component, vent the air out, avoid flow eddies that can leave a void, and minimize flash. Overmolding adds another dimension to the challenges of manufacturing, but the results can be outstanding.

A strong focus on customer satisfaction combined with leading edge technology and expertise allow Kinamor, Inc. to accept and solve difficult and challenging insert molding problems. We utilize vertical insert molding presses along with mold tooling built in our world class tool shop. This enables us to offer our customers a one stop source for a variety of insert molding needs.

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